Call for Papers

Cultural Intertexts, academic journal of Literature and Cultural Studies, ISSN 2393-0624, E-ISSN 2393-1078, invites proposals of original articles, related to the general theme of the journal.

The editors will consider for publication papers which tackle strategies of representation and of (inter)textual construction emerging from the dialogic relation between: literature and the historical and cultural context of text production, distribution and consumption; literature and other arts (music, film, visual arts, etc.) or sciences (linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychology, history, sociology and political sciences, internet and new technologies, etc.); creation and creator (autobiographic elements, metafictions, etc.).

Please send your proposals (title, abstract and 5 key words) to cultural.intertexts [at]

Every manuscript is single-blind peer-reviewed by two senior researchers or academics. The authors will be notified of the editorial decision in maximum 60 days.