Editor's Note

Culture generates an infinity of signs, whose meanings are shaped in and communicated via texts which, in turn, carry traces of other texts. These dialogic palimpsests which encode representations and allow for a multitude of possible readings ask for interpretative efforts, a part of which are included in this scientific journal.

Cultural Intertexts comprises selections of contributions made by scholars from universities at home and abroad and by experts from various doctoral schools or academic research centres, who share professional interest in the topics announced and the areas covered by our volumes, who have participated in jointly organised conferences and workshops, who have been involved in collaborative international projects. It also brings together articles resulting from the research activities carried out by the teaching staff of the English Department of the Faculty of Letters, “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania, who have had the initiative of launching the series.

We address warm thanks to all the scientific advisors for the time and expertise that goes into the peer reviewing process and to the team of young lecturers whose enthusiasm and dedication sees the journal through the challenging stages preceding indexation and publication.

Michaela Praisler