Volume 4/ 2015 (Open access)


Andra-Elena AGAFIȚEI, Embracing the Absurd of a Meaningless Life: Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance 

Ofelia AL-GAREEB, New Realities of the Contemporary Novel

Steluța BĂTRÎNU, Perspectives on Imagery. The Complementary Text-Image Relationship

Sabina-Viviana BRĂTUC, Dimitrie Bolintineanu’s Manoil From Literary Convention to Moralizing Lesson

Tulia-Maria CĂSVEAN, Landmarks for the Contemporary Analysis of the Video Games

Lucia-Luminița CIUCĂ, Martha Bibescu – Jurnal berlinez ’38: From History to Self

Liliana COLODEEVA, Modernist Fiction from Sin to Art

Vasile HODOROGEA, The Symbolic Advertising Communication in the New Integral Reality

Radu-Andrei HORGHIDAN,  Devised Theatre: A Change of Paradigm in Romanian Theatre

Nicoleta HURMUZACHE, The Imagery of Max Blecher’s Text

Petru IAMANDI, American Science Fiction Film – A Bird’s Eye View

Daniela MACOVEI, Truth as Its Counterpoint

Elena PANAIT, “Retro-modernism” in Viața cea de toate zilele by Ștefana Velisar - Teodoreanu

Alina PINTILII, Victorian Novel Discourses: Julia Kavanagh’s Rachel Gray

Eleftheria TSIRAKOGLOU, Edgar Allan Poe, Nikolaos Episkopopoulos and the Death-of-a-Beautiful-Woman Motif

PhD Thesis Review
Ioana MOHOR-IVAN - Pompiliu Ștefănescu, Representations of Cultural Identities in the Poetic Discourse of Ezra Pound: a Study into the Imagery of the Other (Scientific Advisor: Professor Michaela Praisler, Galați, 2011)